Fall Dance Sharing

Friday, December 1, 2017 - 7:00pm
Belk Theater

Sudent work generated from Site-Specific and Experimental Dancemaking, Lane Wagner's WGSS Senior capstone performances, and independent studies in improvisation and composition will be shown next to student work created independently from students taking technique, movement classes or mentored by faculty. 
The Fall Dance Sharing permits student and faculty work to be produced in collaboration with Drama students’ technical work in lighting and stage management.  This sharing of work is meant to add to the dialogue surrounding dance and performance on campus while permitting students and faculty to share their work created side-by-side in a supportive way thus encouraging hands on learning in the theater space as well as appreciation of a variety of aesthetics and traditions. This evening length sharing aims to cross the boundaries of practice and identity in current  global contemporary movement practices.

Both evenings are free and open to the community.