Mission and Values


Mission and Values

Our dance program and curriculum encompass creation, performance and critical analysis adapted to a liberal arts setting. Students are exposed to the breadth of dance in the world, including cutting edge and experimental forms from varying contemporary perspectives, as well as methodological tools in dance-making, research and presentation necessary to continue work in the field or in potential graduate study. Our hybrid interdisciplinary approach to dance making and dance studies intersects with the liberal arts model of the thinking and creative student who can actively contribute to the world. We provide the student with bodily knowledge contextualized by critical thinking and creative practices. Student work is cultivated through mentorship and guidance and students are encouraged to engage in many interdisciplinary dialogues surrounding dance production and creation through performance, practice, further study, writing and analysis. The goal of this program is then to produce strong student dancers, whose training is up-to-standard in global contemporary dance, and who can articulate simultaneously creative and critical dialogues as well as know how to situate these intertwined modes of production.


Dance Programming

Our dance programming includes further study opportunities in the form of master classes and master class intensives with visiting artists. These opportunities cross the spectrum and diversity of modern and postmodern dance making. Through our programming, students gain an awareness of the incredible range of professional dance in the world.

Performance opportunities include both informal and formal ways of showing consisting of in-class learning, choreographic research and final works. Movement classes incorporate both work-in-progress and final class showings in informal settings. In the Fall semester we share our new works and in-progress works informally in the Dance studio for the Fall Dance Happening. In the Spring, we share our class work through in-praxis showings on the campus Quads. Each semester student work is formally shared at UNC Asheville’s Carol Belk Theater, which is an intimate theater in the round. In the Fall semester, this formal showing is a collaboratively produced production and in the Spring semester the program shows work as a Spring Dance Sharing. In addition, Faculty members often engage with and mentor students directly by incorporating them into larger projects shown in the community and on campus.


Visiting Artists and Artist/Scholars

Souleymane Badolo
Lacina Coulibaly
Jana Schmuck
Christal Brown
Nickels Duran
Mair  Culbreth
Momar Ndiaye

Dance Curriculum

Please see the link to our curriculum, which will be live Fall 2017. http://www3.unca.edu/facultysenate/2016-17/SD0616F.pdf