CCB Dance Project Work in Progress Showing

Thursday, March 23, 2017 - 12:00pm
Sherrill Center, Room 351

This work-in-progress showing will share in process materials for an evening length duo project, “Je Te Souhaites du Bien et Apres…”. This work was begun at Kettly Noel’s Donko Seko center in Mali in June 2016. The work will be completed through a series of national and international residencies.

Je Te Souhaites Du Bien et Apres…” draws upon the often used phrase in Francophone Africa, “ I wish you well” and then adds in a notion of linguistic play or questioning. This question pertains to what happens after those well wishes are uttered.  This duo work comments upon the violence that we do to each other every day when we turn off those well wishes and becoming numb, so to speak.  The dance explores how we could possibly create a utopic vocabulary or world that evolves out of this blindness. The work then creates a series of connections where there are none in order to both propose a new way of seeing and “speaking.” This evening length work will be choreographed by Celia Weiss Bambara and assisted by  artist Momar Ndiaye.

CCBdance Project History:
The CCBdance project was formed in 2006 by Christian Bambara and Celia Weiss Bambara to promote intercultural understanding and peace through experimental African based contemporary dance. The CCBdance Project aims to address themes of race, travel, translation, love, violence and interculturalism.  Since its formation the CCBdance Project has engaged in work that critically addresses the traditional base of West African and Caribbean dance in combination, African contemporary movement as well as with American and European contemporary movement. The company is directed by Celia Weiss Bambara.

The company’s work has been performed in many locations in Chicago as well as in Connecticut, Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, North Carolina, Michigan, Iowa, Jamaica, Trinidad, Haiti, Burkina Faso Mali and the Cote d’Ivoire.

The CCBdance Project has been awarded residencies, grants, or partnerships by the Puffin Foundation, US Embassy, Abidjan, Djerassi Foundation, The Ministry of Culture, Ivory Coast, Links Hall, Grinnell College, The Chicago Cultural Center, INSAAC (National Arts University), EDEC (Abidjan), Holy Family Ministries, University of Illinois, Chicago, Iowa Arts Council, Gateway Dance Theatre, The City of Chicago, UCIRA, Makeda Thomas Roots and Wings and Dance and Performance Institute, Metro Arts, BVAR, Haiti Soleil and the Haitian Consulate in Chicago.

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Photo Credit: Barnus Sevi of "Inherited Dreams" #3